What Are RORO Skips And When Would I Need One?

The short answer to what are RORO skips is that they are called roll on roll off skips because of their differences from a normal skip. In this article, we look in-depth as to why you would choose a roll on roll off skip instead of a normal skip. 

Skips in Bristol these days come in such a vast array of different sizes that you could be forgiven in thinking it’s a bit of a minefield choosing the right one for your requirements. You don’t want to pay for one that’s too big and then not fill it but equally by getting one that is too small then all that happens is you end up having to get another skip delivered in Bristol and you can end up spending much more than you should have done in the first place. Hopefully, in this article, we should be able to give you some ideas as to whether you need a roll on roll off skip in Bristol or if a smaller skip will suffice. 

Waste removal and recycling is such a big business in the UK, we recycle 43% of our waste which compared to the rest of the world is very good, most countries are around the 35% mark for waste recycling. Recycled waste can be used to create new energy rather than landfill so of course, it’s much better to recycle that waste. Being an Island the UK, of course, has limited space for landfill so as we progress the continued recycling and usage of waste to create energy is a vital part of our country’s growth. Wilsons Groundworks in Bristol are 100% committed to recycling as much waste as possible to protect our country and also the planet as a whole.

Sizing Of RORO Skips

Looking at the different sizes and items available to remove rubbish these days can be a little confusing as we can go from a small, foldable bag that can be opened up to take over a ton in weight of soil to the largest 40yrd roll on roll off skip which can be over 6 meters long and 2 meters deep. In between you can get 2yrd, 4yrd, 6yrd, 8yrd, 10yrd, 12yrd and Builders skips before you even get to the roll on roll off skip assortment. 

To give you an idea of size a 40-yard roll on roll off skip can hold approximately 440 black bin bags of rubbish so who would use this type of waste management system? Often you will see these types of rubbish transfer stationary outside a large block of flats for example. A block containing 200 individual apartments would easily fill this on a weekly basis making it much easier for refuse collection if there is only one pick up for all the rubbish in the entire tower block. Equally on large building sites if you have a central rubbish collection point it becomes much easier and therefore cheaper to dispose of your rubbish by having a roll on roll off skip.

Caravan Site RORO Skips

If you own a caravan site you may well look at having a couple of smaller roll on roll off skips in Bristol, one for recycling and one for non-recycling which get emptied once a week and literally take around 2 minutes to deliver a new empty roll on roll off the skip and take away your full roll on roll off skip meaning far less disruption for campers than having bin lorries taking hours collecting all the individual rubbish from each caravan.

So typically you would use a roll on roll off skip, either 20, 30 or 40 yards in length dependant on your needs and requirements for projects such as demolition work where you can then divide materials up into different roll on roll off skips as some materials such as uncontaminated soil can be cheaper to dispose of and sometimes if the product is free of all contamination can be sold at a profit. The same can be said for hardcore, if you have a roll on roll off skip in Bristol that only has hardcore in it then sometimes it can be made into type 1 building materials at the local quarry, and you can actually earn money from that load too. Imagine having a roll on roll off skip full of bricks from your demolition job, bricks are in scant supply at the moment meaning that the prices for undamaged used bricks are through the roof. If you could also have a roll on roll off skip full of recyclable metal, then that’s definitely the way to go. The collection of the roll on roll off skip may well be a little more expensive than a normal skip but of course, you are removing so much more waste at a single time which when cost into any building or demolition job is vital to ensuring a profit.

Some of the most common materials found in roll on roll off skips in Bristol are bricks, rubble and stone or hardcore as it’s known, window glass, cardboard, furniture plastics and metals. 

RORO Skips In Bristol

So, let’s look at a quick summary of why anyone would use a roll on roll off skip service as opposed to using a normal skip hire in Bristol. First, you can move very large amounts of waste in one movement which is great for the user, great for the skip hire company in Bristol and better for the overall environment. It’s cost-effective too if you have large amounts of waste to be removed, mostly on an industrial scale rather than a domestic scale, as the removal cost per ton comes down significantly when you use a roll on roll off skip. It’s fast and convenient using a roll on roll off skip, with quick, easy and fast drop-offs, pick-ups and all in one place make it much faster to remove and deliver. 

Roll on roll off skips come in 20, 30 and 40-yard sizes with dimensions as follows. A 20 cubic-yard roll on roll off skip is 2.36 meters wide, 1.3 meters in height and 6.09 meters in length. The 30 and 40 cubic yard roll on roll off skips are the same length and width but are 1.88 meters and 2.49 meters in height respectively. 

We hope that you have found our article into roll on roll off skips interesting and has furnished you with plenty of information which may be of use in the future should you be looking to hire one. For larger commercial sites, building and demolition projects, areas where large amounts of people gather, such as outdoor festivals, roll on roll off skips make perfect sense both in time, money, capacity, space and ease of use and are the perfect choice of waste disposal in Bristol. Thanks very much for reading.