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Concrete Crusher Hire

If you’ve got surplus concrete or stone lying around on your building site, you might as well use it instead of paying for it to be taken away. There are several ways to recycle concrete and stone, including crushing them into smaller pieces, mixing them with new material, and using them as fill.

Hire a Concrete Crusher

Concrete and stone crushing machines are used for breaking down structures such as roadways, bridges, buildings, and other large structures. They are also used for demolition purposes.

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Concrete Crusher for Rent

Our crusher weights 12 tonnes and can crush up to 350 tonnes of stone per day depending on the material. We can also supply an operator to run and oversea the machine.

Stone Crusher Hire Near Me

So if you’re looking for a reliable company that can hire you a stone crusher for your construction project, call us on 01761 231802
We have over a decade of experience in groundworks, demolition, site clearance and more.

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Our crusher has to potential to save you thousands of pounds on your construction project by removing the need to order in expensive aggregates. The crusher can also save you time by eliminating the need for skips or lorries to take the material off site. We are also able to support you with groundworks in Bristol and across Chew Valley.