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Guide for Renovation & Demolition Projects

Renovation and demolition projects will allow you to completely transform the look and structure of a building. Whether you are looking to renovate a property or demolish the property to rebuild – there are certain factors that you will need to consider during your project. We have created this guide which will provide guidance on everything relating to renovation and demolition projects.


  • The legal considerations that need to be made during the preparation stage of the project and whilst the project is being carried out.
  • The equipment that you may need to ensure a smooth and stress-free project.
  • Creating a solid plan during the project to ensure that safety procedures are followed and the project conforms to a specific schedule.
  • Finalising the project and proceeding after the project is completed.

At Wilsons Groundworks, we are one of the leading independent providers of demolition in Bristol and across the South West. We are able to support you with renovation and demolition projects. By providing guidance as well as the equipment that you may require during your project – we can support you with all things related to demolition and renovation. Get in touch today for a free quote.

Legal Obligations When Carrying Out a Demolition or Excavation Project


When carrying out renovations or demolitions to a building – there are several legal implications that you need to consider. The HSE has guidance on the relevant recommendations and legal requirements as per regulations such as The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. 


  • Demolition projects must be planned and carried out by competent people to reduce the risk of unplanned structural collapse. We can support you with all aspects of the demolition process as well as provide the relevant equipment that you may need.

  • Asbestos is a dangerous consideration for all buildings built on or before the year 2000. The demolition or renovation process could cause asbestos fibres to be dispersed into the air around the site. This means that asbestos testing and regulation of asbestos needs to be carried out on buildings built before or in the year 2000.

  • There will be logistical requirements such as informing the local authority and organising arrangements such as road closures if needed. This is also covered on the HSE website.


The Renovation or Demolition Planning Process


Renovations may require less planning than demolition projects, but you are still bound by legislation so it’s important to plan your renovation project. Ensuring that you take into consideration the safety of everyone on site as well as ensuring that you have the correct safety equipment and tools to complete the works is of the utmost importance.


Demolition projects require strict planning and organisation and this is where our team can help you. We have many years of experience carrying out a wide range of demolition projects. We can support the planning process as well as provide the equipment needed for a successful and safe project.


Working With Wilsons Groundworks


As a leading demolition contractor – we’ve carried out many projects of different sizes and logistical requirements. We are able to support you in all aspects relating to renovation and demolition projects. From planning the project to arranging for relevant permissions and carrying out the project – we will support you at every step of the process.

At Wilsons Groundworks, we are one of the leading independent demolition companies in Bristol and across the South West. We are highly experienced in a wide range of renovation and demolition projects for both the commercial and domestic sectors. Get in touch with a member of our demolition team today to arrange for a free quote and to discuss your project.

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