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Are you looking for a professional, trust-worthy demolition company in Bristol, to help you make major changes to your property? Or maybe you just need to clear some land to build something completely new. To do this properly, you’ll need to hire a professional demolition contractor you can trust, to make sure that the entire process is carried out properly and that all health and safety policies are followed completely. For a demolition company in Bristol that you can trust, be sure to contact Wilsons Ground Works. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help and advise you that your next project is a complete success. Call us today on 01761 651395 – we will be able to give you a free quote, and we can beat any like for like quotation.

What Is Demolition?

Demolition is the process of dismantling a building either entirely or leaving a portion of it still standing. It involves thorough planning and assessments and it is incredibly important that all relevant legislation such as the Construction (design and management) Regulations 2015 and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 are followed completely. This whole process can very quickly turn into a headache, except if it is handled by experts who have extensive experience within the industry. It’s best to opt for a good demolition contractor which ensures continuous communication throughout the whole process and they will make the whole job a lot easier. Here at Wilsons Ground Works, we have grown to be well known in the South West of England and have developed from one single machine to a various range of equipment and accessories to ensure each and every one of our client’s needs are met.

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Will I Need a Demolition Permit?

Demolishing a building or other structure will not always require a permit, depending on several different factors. Planning permission will definitely be needed however for any new building on the site. It’s important to note, that some demolition projects where planning permission will be needed include:

  • Pubs and drinking establishments;
  • Where demolition is required as part of the redevelopment of the site;
  • Where the scale of the demolition triggers the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • In conservation areas (subject to exceptions);
  • Where the building has been rendered unsafe or uninhabitable and can be made secure through repair or temporary support (subject to exceptions).

Also, Bristol Council specifies that you don’t need planning permission if you are planning on demolishing:

  • An internal part of a building, where the building occupied, and it is intended that it should continue to be occupied;
  • A building smaller than 50cm3 (external volume);
  • A greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage, where they form part of a larger building;
  • An agricultural building, unless it forms part of a building with other uses.

If you plan to demolish a building or part of a building and you need a permit, you must give the council at least six weeks’ notice.

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We will beat any like for like quote

Demolition Company Bristol

Any demolition project will require a great deal of consideration, planning and expertise. Choosing the right demolition company will ensure that your project goes exactly as planned, and as smooth as possible. This will leave you free to get on with those all-important tasks involved in the running of your business.

As a professional, reliable demolition company in Bristol, Wilsons Ground Works have been specialising in demolition across Bristol and the surrounding area for many years. We are a company you can trust, with huge amounts of expertise and scores of satisfied customers.

So, to choose the right demolition company in Bristol for your next project, be sure to give us a call today on 01761 231802 to inquire about our services, or take a look around our website for information on what we do.