Groundworks can refer to any work that is done in order to prepare a site for construction. With so much to take into consideration to ensure that your site is sufficiently prepared, you would be forgiven for wondering what exactly this process entails. Wilsons Groundworks has over 10 years of experience in the industry, during this time we have built up a great amount of experience. In order to understand exactly what you can expect from Wilsons Groundworks, it is worth going through the process from start to finish. 


Demolishing building


Site Clearance and Demolition


Before any work can be carried out, it is essential that the previous structure is safely demolished. In order to do so, the site must initially be cleared of any unwanted machinery and equipment. Once this has been done, we will then begin preparing the site for demolition. During this process, there is an investigation to assess the condition of the site, taking into account any previous land uses as well as any potential problems that may occur from carrying out the demolition. Wilsons Groundworks are able to effectively carry out any demolition work, no matter the size of the job. In some cases, it may prove more difficult to gain access to the site. At Wilsons Groundworks we are able to utilise crane lifts in order to deploy our top of the range diggers into any site. 



Building a Great Foundation


Once the site has been cleared and the previous structure has been demolished, we will then begin levelling the site and laying the foundations for the new build. Preparing the ground thoroughly is essential in order to begin building on a plot of land. Preparing the ground for construction involves preparing the drainage for the site as well as levelling the site. At Wilsons Groundworks we understand the importance of being extremely thorough in these initial stages as no project can be safely completed to a high standard without taking these factors into consideration. 


Topsoil and Concrete


Once the site has been prepared, we will then be able to work on the surface level. This could involve laying the concrete or topsoil, perhaps even using aggregates in some areas of your land. We can also carry out a variety of landscaping services for anyone looking to create the garden of their dreams as well as providing excellent concreting services for your driveway. After the initial steps have been made to prepare the site, these final steps will bring a finishing touch to your design. 



Groundworks in Bristol


If you are interested in hiring high-quality groundworks contractors then Wilson Groundworks are the perfect choice for any of your home or garden improvement needs. If you wish to find out more then contact us today or call us on 01761 231802 and we can assess your site and offer a free no-obligation quote. We offer groundworks services in Bristol and the surrounding areas, no job is too small or large. We can offer services from the very initial stages of your building project all the way to the finishing touches. 

We have helped all of our customers to achieve the home of their dreams through our hard work and determination. After all, no job is truly complete until the customer is completely satisfied. Our team have been expertly trained to ensure that every job is carried out thoroughly and to the highest standard. We will walk you through the entire process, providing you with professional and impartial advice. We will take every step to ensure that your property is handled with care and that we provide you with a service that exceeds your expectations.

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