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The History of Construction

Groundworks have a much longer history than many people think, with the area being deeply intertwined with the history of construction. Entailing concrete crushing, demolitions, and foundational work, the area has continued to be refined and improved upon over the past few centuries.
At Wilson Ground Works, we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge, dedication to expertise, and commitment to quality. These traits go far beyond knowing how to complete the work. We take care to keep you as informed as possible about any potential work.

Our expertise draws on an extensive history, with our demolitions and foundation work being notable. Both of these are deeply tied to the overall history of construction. Both areas can be more interesting than you’d think.

The History of Demolition

Demolition work has long been a staple of the construction industry. If a building needs to be replaced, then it’ll need to come down to make way for a new building. The area has seen increased popularity in recent decades and has seen continuous improvement since the 1960s and 1970s.
These days, demolitions couldn’t be safer, despite the occasional use of explosives to achieve the demolition. The use of wrecking balls (often seen as a symbol of the craft) has now become less and less popular, as there’s relatively little control over the ball itself.

Controlled explosions, first practised in 1773, are considered the much safer option, especially when in the hands of a trained groundworks professional, such as Wilson Ground Works.

Building Things Back: Laying The Foundations

Foundations have evolved significantly through the history of construction, with more and more techniques being developed and refined throughout the generations. The types in use today are not only the most effective, but are far less likely to develop any issues.
While the Romans are long credited with developing concrete foundations, the practice dates back at least to ancient Syria. Though the Romans may have perfected the process, Syrians were using it in a similar fashion as far back as 6,500BCE.

Over the following seven centuries, the Romans would refine it and implement foundations across almost all of their homes. This increase rose at the same time as concrete’s popularity in roads, etc. It was only in the early 1900s that concrete foundations became more popular, with it now being the main material used for it. During this time, various techniques have been perfected to ensure homes have a high-quality foundation.

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The history of construction dates back to when humanity moved out of caves and into homes they built themselves. For almost all of this time, foundations and demolitions have been an integral part of the process.
At Wilson Ground Works, we take pride in our extensive knowledge of our craft, which is on full show whenever we work with a client. If you need groundworks completed, we’re positive we can help with your needs.

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