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Guide to Demolition During a Project

When your project requires demolition to take place, there are regulations to consider as well as other considerations when carrying out the demolition process. This article provides a complete guide to demolition during a construction project. This applies to both domestic and commercial projects that require demolition. You will need to consider:


  • Asbestos management and the risk of asbestos being displaced during the demolition process.


  • The equipment or machinery that you may need to ensure safe and successful demolition takes place.


  • Make sure that you put safety as a top priority in terms of arranging for demolition zones, safe zones and careful management of debris when the demolition takes place.


  • You are following all of the other relevant legislation and have put all of the other required safety regulations and considerations into place. You may want to consider putting together a full plan of action for the safety of the public and workers if you are carrying out a large-scale demolition project.

At Wilsons Groundworks, we are one of the leading demolition contractors in Bristol and across the South West. We can advise you on the entire demolition process, carry out the process and provide the demolition equipment that you need to complete your project. Get in touch with a member of our demolition team today to arrange for a free quote.

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Asbestos Management When Carrying Out Demolition

Demolition can displace asbestos into the atmosphere which makes the demolition process dangerous. Asbestos fibres when breathed in over time and extended exposure can cause mesothelioma or other lung-related diseases. Asbestos was used extensively as an insulator until it was banned in the 2000s so any buildings that were built before the 2000s are deemed to have to have an asbestos survey carried out before demolition can take place. The HSE has other demolition guidelines which you can read about here.

Safely Preparing for Demolition to Take Place

Working with expert demolition contractors like our team allows safe demolition to take place. We can support you with the provision of the relevant equipment that will be required for the demolition process. We have worked with many different clients with many different projects so we can use this experience to support you during your project. From small, domestic projects all the way through to large commercial buildings – we are able to provide our expert demolition services for your project. We will ensure that all of the relevant safety precautions are followed when carrying out the demolition.

Arrange for a Free Demolition Quote Today

Don’t take the risk when approaching the demolition side of a construction project. Get in touch with our demolition specialists to arrange for a free quote. Not one project is the same but we have worked with a number of clients across many different industries as well as extensively with domestic clients. It’s highly important that safety is a priority when carrying out the demolition of a structure or structures and that all of the relevant precautions are put into place. 

It’s also important to follow all of the relevant regulations that are in place. If you have any concerns about your project or want to find out more about the demolition process then do not hesitate to get in touch today. We can support you with everything relating to demolition as well as a range of other project requirements. 

At Wilsons Groundworks, we are one of the leading providers of demolition in Bristol and across the South West. From providing the demolition equipment that you require to assisting in the demolition process – we can assist with all of your demolition requirements. Get in touch to arrange for a free demolition quote.

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