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Here at Wilsons Groundworks, we have a fully professional team with the skills and experience to provide professional, high-quality groundworks for schools in Bristol. We’ll be more than happy to undertake any job, whether that’s clearing the way for a new playground or helping you make changes to the school building and your pupil’s best interests at heart. We have a beaming reputation across the South-West of England for providing a service that is done properly, to the highest standard possible and will last a long time.

So, to ensure that your school renovation project is done properly and finished to be as safe as possible, be sure to get in touch with Wilsons Groundworks today on 01761 231802.

What are Groundworks?

The term groundworks will usually refer to any work that is done to prepare the ground before construction work happens. Apart from demolition or site enabling that might be carried out, groundworks will be the first step of any construction project. If you are planning on extending the school building, installing temporary classrooms or renovating the playground, you will more than likely need to call Wilsons Groundworks in for groundworks.

What Do Groundworks Involve?

The groundworks process involves:

  • Site Clearance

Site clearance will remove any waste from the site such as old foundations, old play equipment, tree stumps, roots and hazardous materials. This step is essential before any building or landscaping work is carried out, to ensure everything goes to plan.

  • Ground Stabilisation Work

Ground stabilisation work is the process of making changes to the ground to make sure it can properly bear weight. This may even involve increasing the ground strength, to ensure you have a reliable base for future building and construction works. Part of this process will also involve fixing any existing issues and problems with the earth.

  • Site Services

Site services will include temporary and permanent drainage and altering any existing services such as water and electricity cables.

  • Landscaping

Landscaping will involve remodelling the site to fit any future plans and removing any blacktop surfacing of car parks and playground tarmac.

Why Does Your School Need Groundworks?

If you’re planning on remodelling your school, groundworks will be a vitally important process. They must happen before any construction occurs, to eradicate any risks to future construction works. Keep in mind that the groundworks process will create the layout and structure of any kind of building, and it will provide the strength to bear the weight of an entire building and keep it safe to be used. This step is also when a proper drainage system should be built to ensure the building is ready to be used.

Groundworks for Schools in Bristol from Wilsons Groundworks

Here at Wilsons Groundworks, we are able to provide high-quality groundworks for schools in Bristol, on budget and exactly to schedule, no matter what size of the project. It is our company ethos that every job we carry out is never finished until the client is absolutely happy and satisfied with the finished product.

Since back in 2009, we have been offering a wide range of groundworks to a variety of business and schools across the South West of England, all at incredibly competitive rates.

Though, don’t just believe that we only provide groundworks! We can also provide demolition, civil engineering and concreting, so whatever project you have in mind, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the upcoming construction project in hand and how we can help you out.  Call us today on 01761 231802.