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Both civil engineering and groundworks can be a vitally important stage of any construction project. If you find yourself looking for professional civil engineering and groundworks Bristol, look no further than Wilsons Groundworks.

We offer a full range of groundworks and civil engineering services ready for whatever construction project you have planned. Every project we undertake will be completed with the highest degree of professionalism and care, ensuring that everything we do is safely implemented and meets your needs and requirements exactly.

Civil Engineering Contractors BristolWhen you hire Wilsons Groundworks, you’ll hire a fully experienced team who will be able to undertake any project throughout the South-West of England. What’s more, we also have a beaming reputation across the region for providing a service that is done properly, to the highest standard and lasts a long time.

So, to get the job done properly and set up your next construction project for success, be sure to get in touch with Wilsons Groundworks today 01761 231802.

What Does Groundworks Involve?

The term groundworks usually refers to any work done to prepare the ground before any construction work happens. Apart from demolition or site enabling that might be carried out, groundworks are usually the first stage of any construction project. The groundworks process can include:

  • Ground Investigation

Ground investigation will determine the condition of the ground and can be one of the most fundamental parts of the groundworks process. It will show how the soil and rock in the ground will react to the planned developments. From this, you can make the right decisions about building on that ground and reduce any risks.

  • Site Clearance

Site clearance involves removing any waste, old foundations, tree stumps and roots and hazardous materials from a site. This step is essential before any building or landscaping work is carried out.

  • Ground Stabilisation Work

Ground stabilisation work is the process of making changes to the ground to improve its ability to bear weight and increase its strength. This will create a much more reliable base for future building and construction works and can fix any existing issues and problems with the earth.

  • Site Services

Site Services will include temporary and permanent drainage and altering any existing services such as water and electricity cables.

  • Landscaping

Landscaping will involve remodelling the site and removing any ‘blacktop’ surfacing of roads and car parks.

Why are Groundworks Important?

Groundworks are a vitally important process. They must happen before any construction occurs and any risks should be eradicated during the groundworks process. Keep in mind that groundworks will create the layout and structure of any kind of building, and it will provide the strength to bear the weight of an entire building. This step is also when a proper drainage system should be built, to ensure the building is liveable.

What Does Civil Engineering Involve?

Civil Engineering consists of the conceiving, designing and building of public projects and systems. This can include buildings, water systems, sewage systems and roads. It’s a common misconception that civil engineering is just about designing and building fancy buildings – the infrastructure we use every day has used civil engineering, from its conception to finish. Here at Wilsons Groundworks, we can offer a range of civil engineering services, from the construction of stable blocks, driveways, drainage systems, sewers, ponds and farm outbuildings.

Civil Engineering Groundworks Bristol From Wilsons Groundworks

Here at Wilsons Groundworks, we can provide both civil engineering and groundworks in Bristol to the highest standard. We believe that every job we carry out is never finished until the client is absolutely happy and satisfied with the finished product.

Since our beginning in 2009, we have grown hugely yet still offer our valued customers with a full range of quality groundworks and civil engineering services in Bristol and the South West of England at some very competitive rates.

Don’t just believe that Civil Engineering and Groundworks are the only services we provide. We can also carry out a range of site clearance, demolition and concreting services and more.

So, to have civil engineering and groundworks in Bristol completed to the highest standard, be sure to get in touch with us here at Wilsons Groundworks today. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your upcoming construction project and how we can help you out. We’ll be able to carry out all the work you need completely to schedule and on budget. Give us a ring today on 01761 231802.